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TVs : The Awakening

TVs is a single player puzzle, platformer and adventure 2.5D side-scroller game.

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The game represents the corrupt media and how it stereotypes people's thinking for commercial or political purposes Where the game exposes the exploitation that people are exposed to due to corrupt media through televisions or marketing sites and others This is illustrated by the artistic direction of the game and the story Where the player will experience a unique experience that enables him to identify the methods in which he is exploited by the corrupt media.

The player controlled the tv character called “u” who wakes up after a long coma to find himself amnesiac in a world dominated by corrupt media.

The player goal seeks to destroy the transmission tower to free his world and restore his memory.

The gameplay will depend on solving puzzles, which will be in the form of a spatial puzzle or a decision, an unknown character appears to the player on the televisions and radios in the game environment and speak to the player to guide him.

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