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TVs : The Revival

TVs 2 (The Revival) is a single player puzzle, platformer and adventure 2.5D side-scroller game continue to TVs The Awakening.

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Follow "u" in his journey after waking up from his fake life and facing the reality of the TVs world and the great tower and his soldiers who is behind the evil control of the TVs world.

TVs The Revival is a sequel to TVs the awakening which "u" have to go through on a journey in strange worlds by passing the challenging puzzles and fighting the boss of each world till he finds the truth and defeat the master mind behind all of the this in the great tower.

TVs The Revival, is a platformer single player game which combines the intense action with challenging puzzles, focuses on a journey of a tv character called “u” who needs to drive his way on strange events in the TVs reality life after waking up to solve the mysterious puzzles of his life till he finds the truth.

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Ready for the Challenge?!

"TVs The Revival" will be available soon on steam!

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